Saturday, 2 July 2011

North Borneo imperf stamps

Broadly speaking, NB imperfs are mainly divided into complete imperfs and imperfs with perforated margins. Imperfs between stamps can be vertical or horizontal as shown in the above examples. Whole sheets of imperfs are also quite common especially with the smaller stamps of the 1888 issue. One wonders whether it is mostly intentional as the value can be many multiples of the original.
The bottom stamp of the 1909 1c tapir with the imperf margin is uncatalogued. Comments are welcomed.
Update I have just realised that the 2c "postage and revenue" is a complete fabrication! It is a very cleverly forged imperf  stamp probably a Careme rather than Fournier. There are a few subtle differences from the real item.The give away is the irregular thick bar cancels, similar to the Labuan bar cancellation, usually deployed by Careme. It amazes how he can falter with a simple thing like a bar cancel and yet produces such convincing forgeries.

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