Saturday, 2 July 2011

North Borneo train stamp 1902

A  very desirable item even though I am not entirely sure about the choice of colour. A classic NB stamp and design. It is like a picture within a very ornate frame. I am sure it is very popular with thematic collectors. It was first issued in 1902 to commemorate the building of the railway line which commenced in 1896 with a 20 mile section between Weston and Beaufort. It was finished by 1905 with a total length of some 116 miles building in 3 stages with the line terminating at Jesselton.
The North Borneo Railway reopened in January 2011 after a 5 year fitting. Apparently it is quite popular with tourists. The original line ran from Sembulan in KK to Tenom. The refurbished line now starts from Tanjung Aru and I am not sure it runs direct to Tenom. There is probably a change of train at Beaufort. I had the pleasure of taking the journey in 1974 but I guessed the scenery has probably changed a lot. There is a good account in the following link:

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