Friday, 28 October 2011

MBE 1922 part 4 - misc

error BORNEQ. 69 copies recorded. This one is easily missed and probably quite a few languishing in collections unnoticed. 

error EXHIBITICN with stop. 69 copies recorded.

20c with red and blue overprints. The more common red overprinted 1c also comes in blue. The red overprinted 16c instead of blue is very rare. The above blue overprint stamp is significantly smaller and the paper has a blue tinge.
Update The coloured postmark on the red overprinted stamp maybe pretty but I have just realised it is fake because this type of cancellation came into use many many years later.

Fake overprinted 1925 20c perf 12 stamp with missing "M" , not a recorded error. Actually, this fake overprint is very well executed except for the numerals 1922.  The ink is in the wrong shade of blue. Just imagine an improved version of this overprint without the missing "M" in in blue on perf 14 1c and red on a perf 14 16c. Those stamps are worth thousands.

Unknown postmark probably another fake.

CTOs at Jesselton during 1922. The 5c elephant has a Kuching cancellation, possibly a fake or it was used in Sarawak while they did not have any MBE stamps.

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