Wednesday, 7 December 2011

An assortment of high values

A nice red Sandakan D4 with date 1? Oct 1890. It came with a RPS certificate from a SG auction many years ago. The SG numbers have since changed. This is SG 48 or is it a 1886 SG 32?

There is a faint cancel in the the background which is really interesting. My learned friend thinks it maybe a Spanish transit mark. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Note the curved double ring Sandakan postmark.

A rather attractive oxidised version of the 1911 $2 stamp. I think this colour is better than the original.

A nice colour fiscal marking for the District Office BNB Marudu. These cancellations tend to be large.

This is a large fiscal cancellation. Only a small part is shown here but it is compatible with the marking for the Magistrate Court Beaufort BNB.

This is a nice 1911 $10 with CTO bars which I paid a fair price for. I think there was an attempt to manufacture a postmark which we have seen recently on stamps on a well known online auction site.

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