Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Books for Christmas

Just some suggestions of good Christmas pressies for NB enthusiasts. I shall not attempt a review as they are available on google or the amazon website. Stamps are not just pretty colour bits of paper. They do tell a story of the socioeconomic situation of the time. It is good to get some background from reading. Of course, these books only gives one side of the story, the colonialists' perspective.
To this list, I would add:
British North Borneo by L W W Gudgeon
British North Borneo by Owen Rutter
North Borneo, explorations and adventures by Frank & Joseph Hatton
There are some locally written ones which I heard are very good but I have not read them yet. Recently I came across a title, Borneo: The stealer of hearts by Oscar Cook. Supposed to be a good read. Apparently available in bookshops in Kota Kinabalu, I shall have a look when I next visit.
You can also read some of these books on

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