Monday, 12 March 2012

An assortment of postmarks

I think this is Sandakan SL7 used between November 1955 and January 1956 according to Proud. It is unusual to see a straight paquebot marking on a stamp as they tend to be applied on an envelope.

A nice partial strike of a Tenom D2 cancel. This is a circle within a box postmark which is identical to the Sandakan D11 cancel. This is also faint evidence of a probable Singapore straits type arrival postmark.

This is the Sandakan D9 BNBC fiscal cancel with the St Andrew's cross. For some reason, it is common to find it either on a 3c or a high value stamp. 3c probably represented some sort of minor duty or license fee in those days.
A fair example of Sandakan D10 BNBC fiscal cancel with the small maltese cross. The size of the cancel and letters are larger than D9. It is also commonly found on the 3c values.

I guess it is not unusual to get an Amsterdam arrival marking on a NB stamp if one buys stamps from Netherlands. There would have been a fair amount of correspondence between Holland and NB in the times when a lot of the tobacco plantations were owned or ran by Dutchmen.

The first 2 digits of the year in the postmark were inverted and interchanged to form 6140 instead of 1940. An anomaly when making up the date plug occasionally happened. Only 2 letters of IL of the cancel can be seen. This is the train mail postmark and is often seen on this stamp. It reflects the then going rate for carriage by this means.

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