Friday, 8 February 2013

Some Hong Kong and Singapore paquebots

Where the name of the country is not included, it can be difficult to locate these paquebot markings. Proud's book gives some examples of local paquebot cancels and then there is Roger Hosking's book for paquebot cancellations of the world. Both of these are not fully comprehensive. The only sure method is to see them on cover preferably with some normal postal cancellations as well. For explanation with regard to paquebots, you can read my various previous posts by using the search bar above.

These ones were from Hong Kong. There are 2 different types here with the one on the 10c stamp of slightly larger size.

Two Singapore arrival cancels or postmarks which were used to mark paquebot mail.

In Roger Hosking's book, there are 3 very similar paquebot cds from Singapore like this. Fortunately, this is the rarer one which was in use between 1919 and 1924. Apart from the year of 1920 for this stamp, the stroke in the letter Q in paquebot does not extend into the circle.

This is the other similar looking paquebot cds. Notice how the Q in paquebot is different and it has a longer killer bar. This pre war Singapore paquebot cancellation is apparently more common and was in use between 1937 and 1948.

This is the post war paquebot cds for Singapore between 1949 and 1973. It is generally common but perhaps not on North Borneo stamps.

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