Friday, 26 April 2013

Labuan centenary handstamp pt 2

The original posting about this handstamp was in August 2012. It was said to be in use for a week even though some authors mentioned a month. You can see it by clicking here. This cover is entirely philatelic and consequently one should not pay too much for it. The handstamp should be relatively uncommon on Sarawak BMA stamps mainly because Labuan would have had its fair allotment of North Borneo BMA stamps. Half the value of this cover is on the 8c carmine stamp.
The Victoria cancellation has the FDC date of 24DE46. Looking closely at the handstamp impressions, I was curious to find that the numeral 4 in 24TH is not clear on most of the stamps and on the orange 12c stamp definitely looks smaller.

 Small "4" in 24TH on the 12c stamp
also "1848" instead of "1846"

Normal "4" in 24TH on the 8c stamp

This is rather surprising being on the same cover and subjected to chopping by the same handstamp device, presumably. The "4" is generally unclear on most of the cancellations. You can also see this smaller "4" as well with the cancellation on the Australian stamps posted in August 2012.

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