Thursday, 1 August 2013

Some more TPO cancellations and covers

I hope readers are not getting fed up of seeing more of my Train Mail collection. Actually, it is the TPO cover right at the bottom of the page which may be of more interest.

The prewar TPO D8 is not commonly seen on the 1939 1c stamp in contrast to the 1c overprinted with "War tax".

A nice trio and a cover with TPO D9 which is not uncommon on this 1954 and also the preceding 1950 George Vl issue. There is a long gap between D8 and D9 which was partly filled by the 5 bar within an oval cancel listed under Jesselton. There were no train mail cancellations postwar recorded in Proud's book until 1950 even though mail might have traveled that way with the limited service available due to war time destruction of bridges and tunnels.

The TPO D10 is more uncommon as it was soon replaced by D11 even though they were used alongside each other for a few months. We have a date here of 11 JUN 62.

This Railway TPO D11 was in use just over a year from July 1962 and then superseded when North Borneo reverted to its old name of Sabah.

This is the Sarawak TPO 6 with a nice and probably rarely seen registration cachet. Plainly philatelic and how else one can obtain this sort of cover in such pristine condition. At the back we have the back stamps of Miri dated 27 FE 73 and KL as well as PJ in Selangor with a date of 1 MAC 73. This service obviously served rural areas around Miri.
Next week there will be a few nice Brunei fiscals and after that a series on Brunei JO including eventually some rare sheets of 50 overprinted.

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