Thursday, 23 March 2017

Recent acquisitions

It is not easy to acquire desirable philatelic items from North Borneo nowadays. Fortunately, now and then, the dealers have some nice and reasonably priced offerings. Being a regular customer also makes it easy to get a discount on all purchases. 

This is a very attractive incoming card showing Jesselton D2, Sandakan D8 and Lahad Datu D3. It was addressed to the New Darvel Bay Tobacco Plantations Ltd near Lahad Datu from a manufacturer of embrocation which was an old word for a liniment treating sprains and injuries. Such injuries were likely common place among the labourers working in the plantation. This company survived until 1930.

It is obviously not a North Borneo postcard but it was sent as part of information to shareholders of The New London Borneo Tobacco Company Ltd about the sales and shipments of tobacco. This was one of the earliest tobacco companies and was started by Count Geloes d'Elsloo. Its main property was the Ranau Estate which won a prize in a tobacco competition in London in 1889.

I am showing this postcard because its adhesive is cancelled by Jesselton D6 in a very beautiful magenta colour which is rather unusual.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sarawak Specialists' Society displaying 150 frames at 2017 Autumn Stampex in London

This year in celebrating the 70th anniversary, the society has been invited to show 150 frames both competitively and non competitively. Hopefully, there will be contributions from a wide range of members showing our countries of Brunei, Labuan, North Borneo and Sarawak. 
Each frame consist of 4x4 A4 pages ie 16 pages per frame and a total of 2400 pages! Each page would have on average 10-12 stamps or one or more covers. Such an amount of material would have been rarely assembled before and would probably be once in a life time experience. That is why I am urging readers to make a special effort to visit London this autumn. The society will be holding a meeting during one of the days between 13-16 September. Non members are probably welcome but would have to make themselves known.
I am currently busily preparing about 5 or more frames on North Borneo and Labuan. Hopefully, they are good enough and will be chosen as part of the non competitive display. Anyway, I hope to meet some of you there. Do not be shy. You will find most members are very welcoming and helpful.