Saturday 27 January 2024

Fiscal Stamps and Fiscal Cancellations of North Borneo


Based on the talk and slides that were presented at last year's Borneo Philatelic Society autumn meeting, I have prepared a series of short talks which are available on The links are as follows:

Aspects of the 1889 and 1894 $25 revenue issues

Elopura A & P, Residency of Kudat and Residency of Sillam cancellations

Some North Borneo governmental offices cancellations

Monday 8 January 2024

A Scenery Post Cards Booklet Of Jesselton

This booklet of postcards was published by S W Singapore pre 1967 as that was the year when Jesselton became Kota Kinabalu. These booklets were probably unpopular and therefore very uncommon to be found intact nowadays. I deduce this from the fact that it is uncommon to come across a postcard from this series with a serrated edge.

Unfortunately, the front of the booklet was severely damaged. It shows the waterfront of Jesselton. 

This is the front and back of each card in this booklet. It has a recording stub with a  corresponding miniature copy of the postcard on the the other side. This is the format for the whole booklet. 
Bird's eye view of Jesselton                              J 2651 
"Picture shows a panoramic view of the city and the waterfront".

This is the picture used at the front of this booklet.
Waterfront Jesselton - Sabah                                J No. 912
"Picture shows the water-front of Jesselton where most of the big trading concerns are located".

Harbour Board Jesselton-Sabah                             J No. 913
"Picture shows the Harbour of Jesselton where most of the Ocean ships unload & load their cargoes on its jetty."

From here, I can not scan the whole length of the paper apart from dismantling this booklet and so only part of the stub is shown. 
Street Scene Jesselton - Sabah                              J No. 914
"Picture shows the main thoroughfare of Jesselton where most the commercial houses are located" 
This is not Gaya Street, looks more like Beach Street.
The Sports Club Jesselton - Sabah                           J No. 915
"Picture shows the Sports Club of Jesselton where most of the sports and various kinds of games are held"

Native House Jesselton - Sabah                               J No. 916
"Picture shows a native house in the remote areas of Jesselton , the house is built of attap and bamboo."

Houses on stilts Jesselton - Sabah                          J No. 917
"Picture shows houses built on stilts near the sea shore of Jesselton, middle class workers live in these houses, it is a quiet and healthy place to reside."
Well, standards and expectations have really changed.
This was obviously a popular card as there are two copies in the booklet.

The Sea Side Jesselton                                      J 3031
"A beautiful view of the seaside of Jesselton, with its sandy beach, a very popular place for pinickers"
Undoubtedly, this was Tanjong Aru Beach in its heyday. How the times and the situation has changed.
This card and the one showing the bird's eye view of Jesselton are from an older series with a different format of J numbers. J obviously represent Jesselton. S W Singapore uses this system for cards from other towns and locations as well.

Malaysia Memorial Arch                                    J No. 920
"Picture shows a memorial arch in Jesselton commemorating Malaysia"
This is the back of the booklet.
Unfortunately, this memorial represent an event in Sabah's history which has lead to a lot of questions and soul searching. It was the period when Sabah ceased to a colony of Great Britain but unknowingly became a vassal state of another nation.