Sunday, 3 July 2011

North Borneo crocodile stamps 1894 and 1897

A NB classic and a thematic dream. Beautiful design and a good balanced colour scheme. I have now also included the 1894 stamp which I think is not as interesting but still good.
Read on the news recently that a 4 metre salt water crocodile given the name Girang living in the Kinabatangan has been electronically tagged and monitored by satellite. There is a grave threat to their numbers due to the growth of oil palm plantations with their effluent, increasing numbers of humans and falling fish stocks. Their cousins in Sarawak seem to have acquired a liking for human flesh.
The largest recorded example of  a dead crocodile was 6.2m long, 20 ft! It was shot by poachers in N Australia in 1974. They can weigh well over 1,200kg and live up to 70 years on average.

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