Saturday, 2 July 2011

Printers waste! 1894 issue

double and triple printing as well as inverted. There should not be any serious value attached to these stamps. I have them out of curiosity.
Printers waste generally refers to stamps that appear to be errors but are not. They are misprinted material either by accident or intention. They were supposed to be discarded but enters the philatelic market through carelessness or greed. They were originally imperforated sheets. The perforation were added later to make them look more philatelic.


  1. Dang, I do not know whether did I overpay for this printer's waste. Labuan 25c. I bought it out of curiosity and it looks different to the others. I think I paid almost 30 pounds for it, that sounds a lot to me now but when I bought it, it didn't sound hefty.

    1. There is no pricing for such material. It depends how much you want it for your collection. I think £30 is way too much.