Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An elaborate hoax?

There are 2 postmarks superimposed on each other. One reads "BROBRO"  and  beneath is "TZETZEN". There is no discernible date. I thought it was some sort of European arrival postmark but has had no success with google translate with known european languages. The half cent rose 1888 stamp is good condition genuine. There is no extra stroke in the uppermost chinese character and the corner ornaments all well centred. What I can not understand is why go through the expense and effort of using 2 fake hand stamps to create an unusual postmarked stamp which was probably worth more in its mint state? Nonetheless, I found it an interesting exercise.
Update Been doing more research on this interesting item. The letters NI in the left lower corner may represent Nederlands Indies. So there is a possibility that this stamp may have been used in neighbouring Dutch Indonesia. I am still looking for a comparable NI postmark. I think this postmark is too complicated to be a fake.

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