Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas treat 1. Double Imperforated Happiness!! Dollaps!

I have to count myself lucky to get this item due to the lack of competition. It is a North Borneo classic with the error "TEN DOLLAPS" at the bottom of the left stamp of the imperf pair. This occurs on the first stamp of the second row or R2/1. One could see a tiny dot where the missing right leg of "R" should have been.
This error only appears in stamps from the first of two transfers in the lithographic printing process. Stamps from transfer A have a yellow-brown colour whereas B is more of a brown colour.
With this stamp in the collection, one can feel sort of "arrived". This item also comes with a BPA certificate which is an added bonus.

I was also offered by the same auction house the above item at a giveaway price. There were no bids probably because it has no gum and someone in the past seems not to be too handy with a pair of scissors. It is still quite an attractive item but obviously not exhibition material. I have since found that this pair of imperf stamps is commonly without gum and probably was never gummed in the first place.
Update These are actually ungummed plate proofs in issued colours.

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