Thursday, 23 May 2013

Some fiscals

Some of the most interesting adhesives and cancellations are found among the fiscals. I have not shown any for some time now as good items are not easy to come by. Anyway, over the past many months, I have found some interesting items worthy of sharing.

A part of a large company fiscal cancellation that should read " Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China"  and in the middle would have been " Mansfield Bogaardt & Co / AGENT"

The Chartered Bank seal on a cover from Kuching.

An example of a fiscal cancellation on an early adhesive. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are are too faint to be identified. There must be quite some early markings of this type which are yet to be recorded. The item was further marked by 2 lines to prevent reuse.

A very early "The Magistrate Court /Sandakan" fiscal cancellation. There are some other letters as well which reads "SAND/STRA". Note there is a large tear on one side. I have some other early fiscal adhesives with similar tears. This was to prevent reuse.

You would have to agree that this is a rather handsome part cancellation of "R. Lorentzen & Co Sandakan" who were commercial and shipping agents as well as merchants in Sandakan.

I think this is a latter day Magistrate's Court mark with a nice company crest on a pre WWII adhesive.

Anyone who can decipher the 3 separate fiscal cancellations here deserves a prize! There are two in black and one in blue.

This one should be rather special. Some of the sifus out there maybe able to enlighten me. It is a used REVENUE perfin on a 1909 24c adhesive. This particular value is not listed in part 3 of The Stamps and Postal History of North Borneo nor mentioned in the Sarawak Journal which leads me to conclude that it is very very uncommon.

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