Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Labuan Coal Company

This is a really nice registered letter cover to the Labuan Coal Company at its office in London. Arthur George Vanscolina went on to work and lived in Labuan.
In 1912, he was recorded as the assistant manager of the Brunei Estates Ltd based at Labuan and also socially a vice president of the Labuan Social Club. He also remained as the local representative for the Labuan Coalfields Company. 
The coalfields were closed in early 1911 due to the presence of fire damp.

The New Central Borneo Company Ltd were the lessee for the coal mine. In this share certificate dated 1896, A Vanscolina was one of the signatories as the secretary of the company. 


  1. These look like very old manuscripts of the letters. They certainly hold a historical significance. Do you have these or have you got the pictures of these letters?

  2. This was an original share certificate. They are uncommon.
    Or are you referring to the Pollock letters from Sandakan?
    There are 3 known letters in existence dating from April and May 1882.
    I have one of them but the other two with another collector.