Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bar cancels part 3

Every bar cancel collection should start with SG1. This is a full on 14 bar cancellation which was used from 1884 and has been seen in black, bluish-grey and red. The interesting postmarks used on SG1 includes Elopura A & P(time codes), Gayah and the Hong Kong B62 in bars.

This is the rather rare red 13 bar cancel of Kudat. It has wider dimensions in the top portion in comparison to the other bar cancels. The 13 bar cancel comes in black, bluish-gray and red. They were the very first cancellations to be used on SG1.

Perusing through my old surplus stock book and there it was. I do not know how long it has languishing there or whether I have put it there recently. I realized this bar cancel is much wider than the usual 14 bar CTO. It measures exactly as K1, the 13 bar cancel of Elopura/Sandakan. This changes the value of the stamp substantially. However, the stamp is a 1888 high value which exceeds the time scale given by Proud by 2 years. Perhaps it is an unrecorded fake.   

It is very rare to see a 19 bar postal cancel of Sandakan on a stamp besides the arms series except on cover. Forgeries are known to exist.

Two eye shape postally use bar cancellation likely to be of the 17 bar variety.

This stamp has 2 different bar cancellation. The 14 bar cancel can be seen towards the bottom left hand side. The second bar cancellation has a width that significantly exceeds that of the 14 bar cancel and is possibly that of a 18-19 bar cancellation. It is also possible that this is a forged cancellation due to its lack of definition.

The diamond dot cancel seems to be relatively common on this series of overprinted stamps.

Two more eye shape bar cancellation. I should get a complete set of these soon.

It does not look very exciting but it took time to acquire one like it. This is the barrel of bars cancellation like K6 (1907-1939) of Sandakan but of a larger dimension. It is mainly used to denote late letters but was used for ship mail as well.

This 1886 1c has part of the 13 bar cancellation of Elopura or Kudat. It is a lot wider in the top portion compared with the 14 bar or the 17-19 bar cancels.  

An unusual NB unlisted bars within a triple circle cancel. Perhaps a temporary cancellation or even a paquebot.

Possibly a makeshift temporary bar cancellation and perhaps used during Jap occupation.

Another strange bar cancellation. Is it "V" for supermail? The To Pay cachet has a T within a triangle.

Another Sandakan K6 for late letters and some ship mail.


  1. Je těžké dát cenu těchto známek. Můžete se podívat do katalogů razítko. Jsem ochoten zaplatit 2-3 krát katalogu ceny razítko s velmi dobrou razítkem.
    It is difficult to put a price to these stamps. You can look up in stamp catalogues. I am willing to pay 2-3 times catalogue prices for a stamp with a very good postmark.