Wednesday, 28 September 2011

early Kudat postmarks

An uncommon attractive blue postmark D2 dated A 10 SP 94 with the time code A for am. It was in use for a little more than a year between 1894 and 1895. It was usually struck in blue. The earlier version has the year in 4 digits.

This is the earlier version of Kudat D2 (1886-1900) with the year in full and again the time code A for am. These time codes are very often not changed but nonetheless I would like to have one with "P". The only other similar format postmark is the Elopura but the year would not be compatible. Elopura also has the time code but then the month first followed by day and year.

This is the third version of Kudat D2 with the time code omitted. According to Proud, time codes are nearly always left out from 9th June 1895. It is amazing how he can be so specific! I suppose it is all dependent on first and last dates he has seen on postmarks.

I thought this was a D3 but actually is another Kudat D2 with missing time code. The other feature is the use of 2 letters only for the month. I have been informed that D2 was struck in violet between 1898 and 1900. I am really fond of these coloured ink markings.

Kudat D3 1893-1902

This is supposed to be my D4 but it is obviously a bogus item. Nice coloured ink though.

Kudat D5 (1895-1901) with the lovely Maltese Cross in its design. It is also seen in blue ink which is probably more for fiscal purposes.

Kudat D7(1900-1913) but with larger date plug.

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