Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Papar and Semporna

Very attractive Papar D2 postmark in violet ink. They were in use between 1950 and 1951 and probably hard to find on a 1946 stamp like the 3c above.
Papar lies 38km south of Kota Kinabalu(Jesselton) on flat lands planted predominantly with rice paddy fields. It is one of the main stops of The North Borneo Railway line.

I think this is the Semporna D1 postmark in violet. Unfortunately too faint to make out much detail except part of the date. They were in use between 1949 and 1951. Papar has a similar postmark in clear black or violet ink usually with wavy lines in both the inner and outer circle due to distortion but enhanced its attraction nonetheless.
Semporna is located in the south eastern part of Sabah (North Borneo) to the east of Tawau. It is a small town famous as a gateway to world class diving and snorkeling at nearby Sipadan island.

Some letters for Semporna can be made out in this stamp with difficulty.

This postmark is quite large but unfortunately too smudge to get much details. I can just about see the word BORNEO with the 4c stamp. The middle date line is just a bar of smudge. I can not find a corresponding postmark in Proud's book and would welcome any suggestions
Update Thanks Gantian. Temporary Papar postmark. I can now make out the smudged letters "PAR" at the top of the 10c stamp. Is this the degradable but beautiful D1 poststamp which was made of rubber? How beauty has fallen on hard times!

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  1. That is the temporary PAPAR cancel on the 4c & 10c stamps. The rubber based device got worn after a few months of use and it became wavy and blurry.