Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hong Kong paquebots/arrival postmarks

Bought these four as a group. The 5c looks a bit suspect but is probably authentic. There is also evidence of the same cancellation being used three times on this stamp.

What a beauty! Not only is it a rare paquebot used carmine cross, it has both the straits type cancel and the paquebot marking. This postmark is different from the ones above in having HONG KONG in the top half of the cancel rather VICTORIA, a more uncommon paquebot marking.

I think this is HK, based on the boxed paquebot mark but note the maltese cross in the postmark. This is more typical of a Singapore straits type cancel. 
I find it more satisfying in this type of partial cancels where one has to do a bit of detective work and use a bit of imagination. On the right we have a faint green postmark, probably from Jesselton, having seen similar examples. On the left, again we have a faint cancellation with a narrow bar in the upper part and the letters ON and possibly a small part of the G in the lower part. This would correspond to the Victoria Hong Kong postmark.

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