Friday, 16 March 2012

An update on Jesselton R3 cover

We have an update on Lim Keng Fatt who was in his late 20s in 1919 when he posted this cover. My thanks to Bartholomew Chua and Justin Sunam Wong  of  the North Borneo History Enthusiasts society in Kota Kinabalu(formerly Jesselton) for providing further information. Such is the power of the internet.
Lim Keng Fatt was part of the Kinabalu guerrilla movement led by Albert Kwok which was trying to overthrow the Japanese occupying force in the second World War. The attempt was a failure. Lim Keng Fatt was captured and beheaded. He was 51. A fuller account is available in the following blog:
I have found further information in this book, Stories from Sabah History by F G Whelan:
But we need to clarify some dates here.

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