Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Meiji" issue. Japanese Occupation 1943

                                           4c Mt. Kinabalu from the sea

                                         8c native prahu and travellers palms

This is a continuation to the posting in June 2011.
Despite the classification in the stamp catalogues, these were not strictly North Borneo stamps. In common with  the other JO stamps of Northern Borneo, they were issued for use throughout this region which was under the control of the Japanese Army. Kalimantan was under the control of the Japanese Navy. The confusion might have arisen due to the scenes depicted in the stamps which had been used in one form or another on previously issued North Borneo stamps.
The issue date was 29 April 1943 and they remained valid till the end of the war. They were printed in Batavia by G Kolff & co in sheets of 200 with numbers at the margin for each line. The numbers went from 1-10 as the original sheet of 200 was divided into 2 panes of 100 (10x10). On the left side the numbers are in ascending order going downwards with the reverse on the right margin as shown above.
Used stamps of this issue were normally postmarked at Kuching or Sibu as evident from surviving covers, the majority of which are philatelic in origin. There was probably difficulty in supplying the rest of the territory due to communication problems. Those stamps or covers with genuine Brunei or North Borneo JO cancellations should deservedly command a significant premium.

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