Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Airport/Lapangan Terbang post office

Definitely the most recent of the covers posted on this site. This philatelic registered cover bears the LTA postmark for Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa/ International Airport at Kota Kinabalu. The post office was not busy as far as mail was concerned.

This is the Brunei Lapangan Terbang/ Airport D5 postmark with a B prefix. Readers might have noticed the name of Brian Cave. He was a very distinguished editor of the Sarawak Journal as well as a past president of the society.

A purely philatelic cover but attractive for several reasons. It has a clear Singapore Airport B cancellation of  5APR65 on two Sabah overprinted stamps. These stamps were eligible for use due to the then recent formation of Malaysia. Singapore was an initial and short term member.
It has a nice red cachet marking the first Lufthansa flight between Singapore and Frankfurt but posted to Athens. It did not make it to its destination due to a inadequate address(?on purpose) of "general delivery, Airport, Athen". It was marked Retour in red for return mail.

The back has many markings but it is mostly Greek to me! There seems to be an airport cancellation for Athens with an arrival date of 6th April 65. There are another 2 types of Athens cancellation for dates of 13th and 15th of April, one of which was possibly from the dead letter office. Strangely enough there is also a cachet in violet from Frankfurt Airport where it was retained for 3 days before returning to sender. It is difficult to know where this letter ended up eventually as there was no sender's address.

A stamp that was posted before to confirm that it was indeed the Singapore Airport postmark on this Sabah stamp and looks like it has the Airport A cancellation.

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