Friday, 22 March 2013

Various Sarawak paquebot cancellations

The majority of the paquebot markings were not of the cds type. Kuching has the most varieties being the capital. Mail on maritime vessels from out stations would be cancelled at Kuching on arrival before being delivered locally or sent overseas. Of course, there was mail going the other way in smaller volumes and one could postulate that the majority did not survive the rigors of the climate as compared to overseas mail to temperate countries where they were also more likely to be collected. One of the things that we should be grateful to Britain is the condition of the commonwealth stamps which were there for "safe keeping".

It is difficult to be sure but I think this is a Sibuti SL2 with a small premium of x 3 rather than a Sibu SL3 due to the slight slant in the vertical stroke of the "T". It should be uncommon as Sibuti has a background rating of 250 in Proud's book.

 I think this is the Kuching SL4 in faint blue ink and has a premium of x 10.

Update 10 May 2014
This is Kuching SL3 with a date around 1924.

The SL11 of Kuching has a "double fish tail" at each end  of the box which is usually not seen. It is shown quite well here on the left in contrast to the illustration in Proud's book.

Update 10 May 2014
This is another SL11 but this time the ends are open.

This SL12 is one of two of the most uncommon of the Kuching paquebot cancellation with a value of x 60. It was in use between August 1953 and September 1955. Note the two lines are not exactly parallel or straight.

I have not tried to identify this one due to the faint cancellation. However, the stamp has a good background story. There was understandable controversy in depicting a native girl in a state of semi undress. She was one of the daughters of the hereditary chief of the Dayaks in Sarawak and may still be alive.
It had been described as a "cadet" stamp in which it was hoped that it would entice young British recruits to seek work in Sarawak in those days!

This is the other uncommon Kuching paquebot SL10 with a premium value of x 60. It was used between 1947 and 1948.

This is the Kuching SL11 with the "double fish tail " on the other side of the box bearing in mind the cancellation is inverted on the cover.

Update 04 May 2014
Just got this one recently and was surprised that it matches Brunei SL5 with letters in seriff rather than any of the Sarawak paquebot markings of the time. This means that it was posted on the boat going to Brunei.

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