Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lahad Datu

The present situation in that area is giving some cause for concern. I was hoping my much anticipated tour of Sabah in April would not be affected but it is very much in doubt. I will not go into the politics of it here because I have more or less waived my rights for being a long term resident overseas. But I can at least say this. It is universally accepted in any modern democracy that all citizens are fundamentally entitled to a choice in self determination by exercising the right to vote and not through force or coercion. History is but a tool in making a decision such as this.

This blog went viral last weekend with more than a hundred hits on Saturday alone. The item that netizens were mainly interested in was my posting in December 2011 because there was a brief summary of the history and more interestingly scans of both the treaties with the Sultans of Brunei and Sulu respectively in Jawi. You can see it by clicking here.
Anyway, I am posting the images here again.

 Brunei Treaty

Treaty Sulu

And also for more historical details from a prolific blogger click on this link:

or here.

Here are the English translation of the treaties. There are obviously more than two. You can draw your conclusions regarding the true ownership of these lands.

Treaty Sulu

Treaty Brunei

Treaty Padas 


  1. Hallo, I'm looking for any info about Kuala Penyu post office. I collect topic turtles and I hope to find postal history of kuala penyu for my collection.
    I'm Italian, my name is Miriam

  2. Apparently, there is a big sculpture of a turtle in Kuala Penyu but I do not think any or very few turtles come to land anymore due to the human population. Of course, turtles are well known on Pulau Penyu off the coast near Sandakan but there is no post office there.
    The post office in Kuala Penyu first opened on 9.7.1973 There is a mobile post office (PPB) which ran from June 1984 to July 1989. I would love a PPB cover but they should be very rare. It is unlikely there are any to be found in Italy or UK. You would need some good local contacts in Sabah or Malaysia to find them for you. If you prefer contemporary postal history perhaps the Kuala Penyu post office can help. You may get some details by googling POS SABAH. They may be able to arrange for a cover to be sent to you.
    Turtles were depicted on Malaysian stamps in the 1979 National Animal Series as the $1 stamp. And also in 1990 there was a set of 4 turtle stamps issued. It would be really really cool if you can get these stamps on cover with a Kuala Penyu postmark!

  3. The post office in Kuala Penyu first opened is 1963. use KUALA PENYU NORTH BORNEO postmark(similar jesselton D35). EDWARD B PROUD unlist-----linda.

  4. Guan, quoting from the Sarawak Journal vol43 p94, "Kuala Penyu originally a postal agency, a post office opened 9.7.1973"
    When I am next in KK, please show me some Kuala Penyu and other rare recent postmarks as you probably have some. cheers.