Sunday, 2 October 2011

Madame Joseph Kuching postmark on 18c Banteng

Plausible Kudat cancel at first sight with the discernible "KU" but somehow the position of the date does not fit. My complaint is why this forger could not do a proper job of it. The black line at the left top corner is also not encouraging.
There is a quest for a used postmark on this stamp other than Sandakan.  This is because the 18c stamp was withdrawn soon after it was issued as there was no postal requirement for a stamp of this value.  Apart from Sandakan, probably very few mint copies of this stamp made it to the other post offices in North Borneo.
Update I am pretty sure this is a fake Madame Joseph Kuching postmark with the date 12 MAR 90.

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  1. this is CTO bar cancelled add kuching(sarawak)30's postmark.this stamp issue from july 1909.use a few month only.but this is"M","M"is "MAR" or "MAY" .linda