Wednesday, 16 November 2011

early Kudat postmarks part 2

The first stamp has an attractive but faint torquoise D2 postmark of A AP 4 95 which is a transposed month as compared to the second stamp which I have posted before which has a conventional date setting of A 10 SP 94. I have not seen a Kudat D2 postmark with a P setting for pm. Looks like no afternoon postal services were available in those days! 

The year has a smaller font for the last two numerals.

High value D2 stamps with earlier version which has the year in full. The second stamp dates from 1883 and is not listed as used. It is probably a fiscal. The year looks like 1838 but more likely 1888. The last two numbers also seem a bit smaller. I presume this is the changeable part of the datestamp together with the day and month.
Update: It is more likely a mistake was made while making up the date plug with 38 put in instead of 83.

This 1887 stamp has the shortened form of the year in a D3 marking.

Both stamps have part of a D5 cancellation with the Maltese star. This is probably the more desirable of the early Kudat postmarks even though it is very much less rarer than the Kudat double circle BNBC postmark.

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