Monday, 18 June 2012

some interesting items from the 1886-87 issue

Apart from the high values, these perforation 12 varieties are the most expensive stamps of the 1886-87 issue. The 1/2 c is particularly rare and very difficult to find used. It is probably still under priced in relation to the 1c. This is despite having the same catalogue value as used in 2000 and nowadays valued at under twice as much.

This issue has lots of flaws. A plating expert might be able to place the position on a full sheet of stamps

              Quite an interesting flaw with the "P" in "POSTAGE" looking like an "R".

                       Both the "S" and the "G" in "POSTAGE" has extra blobs.

Not entirely sure of these corner imperfs. I was hoping that they are perhaps proofs or colour trials as the paper seems to be thinner. The colour seems to be of a different shade as well. And also the 1/2c and the 4c stamps seems to have more or less the same colour. The 2c brown, 8c green and 10c blue are all of a darker shade. They are also on paper with gum.

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