Friday, 15 February 2013

Some North Borneo paquebot markings

I have tried to place the following cancellations as best I could with measurements of length and height as well as looking at the individual character of the letters themselves. Different towns can have very similar looking paquebot cancellations. It is rather curious that there were no markings of this type for Kudat. The main ports of Jesselton, Labuan and Sandakan have had a few different ones over the years. I have used Ted Proud's classification here. SL stands for "ship letter". The dates given are the ones seen on cover.

This is the Jesselton SL3 with a value of x 20. The only date given in Proud's book was the first of January 1936 which was the date seen on one cover. On the cover, there is a large stop or period after paquebot unlike what is shown in Ted Proud's book. With this information, I have transferred the lower two images from the previous posting and can safely now classified them under Jesselton.

The Jesselton SL5 has dates between 1949 and 1950. This particular stamp created some political controversy when it came out. I shall give more details in a subsequent post.

I think that this unusual blue paquebot cancellation is the Tawau SL3. The shape of the "T" in the first stamp would correlate even though it looks rather different in the second stamp. The recorded dates here are between 1948 and 1955.

This is the Labuan SL7.  There is faint straight line on top which is an artefact produced when applying the hand stamp heavily. SL7 has one recorded date of 27.8.54

These resemble the Sandakan SL7 with recorded dates of between November 55 and January 56.

The Lahad Datu SL3 resembles the Sandakan SL7 with the same type of letters and also the same length of span. But the letters are less tall measuring 3mm precisely. Again we have one recorded date here of 10.2.50

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