Thursday, 11 April 2013

Brunei with Labuan cancellations

These probably represent late letters posted as the boat leaves for Labuan from Brunei. They were not regarded as proper "packet boat" mail and were not cancelled as such on arrival at Labuan. I wonder whether an excess charge was applicable for such mail.

I thought it showed part of D8, the Post Office Labuan cancellation with a year of 1938 which is very curious! D8 was in use between 1910 and 1913.
Update As suggested in the comment, this is actually SL4 in Edward Proud's book. This is a double circle cancellation with the word paquebot at the top and separated from the name below by a simple cross. It would also fit the dates of usage between 1937 and 1941.

A good D9 cancellation with the straits type killer bars. It has a date of 20 JY 1921.

Another D9 with date 6 OC 1922 with also Singapore and China arrival cancellations.

The D10 with the index A and a visible date of ?2 MY 1919.

The D11 with the time of 830 am and a date of 19 DE 1934.

This is a nice piece of 3 Brunei stamps with the Labuan SL11 paquebot marking used in the early 1950s. This would conclude my posting on transport related material from Brunei.
There is still a lot of other similarly themed cancellations not shown such as Brunei's own paquebot cancels, mobile PO or PPBs. There were also some very interesting Riverine POs which I think would be very uncommon especially in terms of postal history. I had sight of one cover so far at our society AGM.


  1. the 2Cents green is SL4(paquebot Labuan) use between 1937 to 1941.++ Linda.

    1. Thanks, I shall look at Proud again before making a change in the description.