Thursday, 8 August 2013

Brunei fiscal Magistrate Court

Brunei fiscal markings are not well documented. These are the Magistrate's Court, Brunei fiscal cancellations. They are unusual in that they were of the inkless embossed type which was recorded in the Sarawak Journal, a quarterly publication of all the philately aspects of Brunei, Labuan, North Borneo and Sarawak.

It is not so clear on this pair of adhesives. The back view is a bit better. It is quite likely all three adhesives were on the same document. They were all from the 1924-37 issue.

It is definitely a lot better on the $1 adhesive where we have a large part cancellation. On the top part, one could see the mirror image of  the letters "MAGI" and at the bottom "BRUN". In the middle, there is the large British type crown. Note the crayon marks on all 3 items to prevent reuse.

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