Thursday, 13 February 2014

Flaws of the 1954 1c adhesive

This 1c belongs to the same 1954 set as the 10c with the "extra chimney variety". These flaws are unlisted and I do not know when they were first noticed. It is not in the Sarawak Journal, the back issues of which I have on discs.

This is a left sided bottom block of ten out of a sheet of 100. As the arrows show, there are 2 flaws, one on R9/2 and another on R10/2 ie the second stamps on rows 9 and 10 respectively.

An enlargement of the R9/2 adhesive shows a "broken B" looking similar to a "R". On R10/2, there is a white blot below the left eye. 
This stamp presented Mt Kinabalu disappointingly. One has the impression that the view was taken from a higher vantage point or mountain thus blunting the majesty of Kinabalu. 

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