Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kudat D5

When I look at this stamp, I quickly realised why I collect North Borneo. The printing and pictorial content is really the best there was. And then this one has this really beautifully balanced postmark of Kudat D5 with the two Maltese crosses. 
It is probably the third most sought after of early Kudat postmarks after the earliest cancel with the undated double ring D1 and the very rare double ring BNBC fiscal cancellation which you can see by clicking here.
The date of the cancellation  is 13 SEP 97 and D5 was used between late 1895 and mid 1901.

This has an earlier date of NOV 96.

Another yet earlier date of JAN 96 on a postage due stamp. 

The date can not be made out but this must have been a very early use of this cancellation on this 1888 stamp.

I have seen one in blue and I consider that very desirable.

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