Thursday, 24 April 2014

Jesselton/Kota Kinabalu Paquebots

There is no information on this paquebot cds. It is very similar to SL7 but  has a star and the year. At least we have a date on record of 23 JA 67. Jesselton became Kota Kinabalu towards the end of that year.

This Kota Kinabalu paquebot is recorded in the Sarawak Journal as having a EDS of  30 December 1974 and a LDS of  9 April 1976.

I would say that this paquebot cds is exactly the same as the one just above except the change in placing of the words. It is not recorded in our journal. The date was 31 JA i83 but I do not know what the "i" stands for.

It is surprising to find a boxed paquebot cancellation in 1991 as these were superseded years ago. It should be from Kota Kinabalu as a faint cds with a clear year of 1991 can be seen. This is definitely unrecorded and readers might deduce that this card was sent to a prominent late member of the Sarawak Society who was living in Huddersfield.
Update 10-12-2015 Thanks to Captain Peter Schulz, I now know that this is the ship own paquebot cancellation on board the cruise ship SS Canberra. The Canberra has a celebrated history which can be googled. This cancellation is listed as H4215 on page 262 in the latest edition of Paquebots Cancellations of the World  by Mike Dovey & Keith Morris

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