Thursday, 15 May 2014

Some unusual items

There is a barely decipherable slogan on this 1939 adhesive probably something to do with the war but who knows. Suggestions would be very welcome.

The chances are that this is an unusual changeling that I paid 50p for especially with the bar cancellation but I am hoping it is some sort of cancelled proof.

There is a small part Sandakan cancellation at the lower left hand corner. The red bit is the arrival cancellation for registered post in USA and this was some station in LA, California.

Here we have a part Sandakan cancellation. The interesting bit is the boxed cancellation which should read "Not Opened By Censor". But I wonder whether this was an unrecorded prewar cachet from North Borneo. It was more likely to be from Hong Kong or it could be USA as it seems to be seen on mail to USA but passing through HK.

The 2c green has an uncommon Dutch Indies cancellation but the 1c brown is a bit older and a mystery. Both should have been arrival cancellations.

This seems to be some sort of intaglio or negative seal cancellation but it is too unclear to be certain what it is. Still it looks interesting.

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