Thursday, 10 July 2014

Airport cancellations 2

Lapangan Terbang means airport in the Malay language.

From the dates in this collection, it would seem that this Lapangan Terbang K.K. cancellation was in use for many years. From covers which would be shown later on, the range of  dates of my items is between 4-8-1974 and 19-10-1993. Unless I am missing a postmark in between, it was likely that it was used until 2008 when the LTA (Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa) was introduced with the opening of the international airport. 

This was taken in August 2006 and a few months later Terminal 2 was torn down and rebuilt.

This is the old Terminal 1 in 2007 with a very nice background of Mt Kinabalu in the distance.

The view on approaching Terminal 2 which is primarily used by budget airlines and can be accessed from Mat Salleh Rd.

A stylised artist impression on what Terminal 1 should look like when completed and landscaped.

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