Thursday, 6 November 2014

1892 1c on 5c slate with raised stop

This would constitute a new finding and is not described in any catalogue that I know off. These provisionals were issued due to low stocks of the 1c which was used for local postcards as well as those postcards to Labuan and Brunei. According to part 1 of The Stamps and Postal History of North Borneo, 20,000 copies were surcharged around July 1892 and there were 4 settings of the surcharge on the 5c stamp.

This is a mint copy and the "stop" or period is clearly raised. Do take a note of the position of the "1" in relation to the "n" below.

Here we have a used pair with a clear Sandakan cancellation. The stamp on the right has the raised "stop" which I did not noticed initially due to the red postmark. The position of the "1" in relation to the "n" below is different to the mint copy. This means that this raised stop variety is present in at least 2 of the 4 settings used in this overprint.

This is from my mint sheet of 50 and is from position R5/2 ie the second stamp of row 5.  Again, this is different setting especially the adjacent stamp in contrast to the used pair which means the raised stop is probably not that uncommon and is present in at least 3 of the different settings for this overprint that we know of. You can see my sheet of 50 in a previous posting by clicking here. 
I would concur that the art and joy of philately would include the uncovering of errors and imperfections.

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