Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shades of North Borneo

Why are these two 1889 3c stamps having almost the same slate colour as the 5c? Were they unrecorded colour trials or washed or changed chemically? But the bar cancellations look very fresh and would have affected if chemicals were used.
The Fournier and Carame forgeries are usually of a different shade of colour but I am fairly sure these are not forgeries as the corner ornaments are well centred and there is a tiny gap where the right side of the scroll for Postage & Revenue  which does not touch the frame below. There is no gap with the forgeries.

And what about these different shades for the 1889 2c stamp? These 4 fulfill the criteria for genuine copies with good 14 bar cancels. It is impossible to tell whether they were CTO or postally used.

How about these two? Fresh specimens with almost full gum at the back. There can not be more than 1 sheet with this lighter shade. Worth looking out for in my opinion.

PS I have added an update on the Kamigata forgery of a NB/Labuan stamp in a previous post. You can read it by clicking here.

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