Thursday, 12 February 2015

North Borneo cigarette cards part 2

You can see part 1 by clicking here. I have expanded my collection of similar material over time. I now have items from Brunei, Labuan and Sarawak which I can show at a later date. Additionally, I also have similar cards from the Malayan states which I may well include subsequently.

This is the second card from Aurelia from Dresden in Germany. It is number 193 of the series and depicted the Olympic banner for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. These partly embossed cards are very attractive and collectible. I also have similar cards from Brunei, Sarawak and the Malayan States but none from Labuan.

This card is also from the York brand of cigarettes in Germany. It is number 112 in the series. There is very little other information available.

This card was enclosed with Recruit Little Cigars manufactured by H Ellis & Co, Baltimore, USA. An issue showing flags came out around 1910. The flag shown is definitely incorrect as the lion should be facing left instead of right.

This is a rather basic design from the Massary company in Berlin Germany apparently published in 1929.

This is a large silk from the 10th series from Godfrey Philips BDV cigarettes, a British company. They were issued somewhere between 1910 and 1914. Silks are nice to look at but they are fragile and not easy to handle.

The 20th series of silks from BDV has the wrong version of the BNB flag with the lion facing the wrong way.

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