Monday, 7 September 2015

Inverted time code B in Labuan D8

The following picture postcards were part of a series of 14 from an unknown publisher, possibly commissioned in Singapore but published in Europe eg Germany. They probably dated from the early 1900s.

This is card number 5 showing the railway for the coal mines in Labuan. This exact photo is also found in John Dill Ross' book Sixty Years: Life and Adventure in the Far East but no year given. The back bears a typical message from a tourist and was sent to the USA bearing 3c in stamps for the prevailing Straits UPU postcard rate. Labuan became part of the Straits Settlements on 1 January 1907. Strange, considering it is nowhere near the Malacca Straits but one can say the same for Christmas Is and Cocos Is. It was obviously sanctioned due to administrative reasons.
This Labuan cds D8 was used between January 1910 and August 1913. The cancellation here of 25 MR 1910 is therefore an early example. The time codes ranged from A-E. E is quite difficult to find. In addition, the time code is sometimes omitted. Our example here has the uncommon inverted time code B. 

I thought I must as well include the other cards that I have of this series. Both are unused. This is card number 7.

This card has number 8 at the back and is complemented by card  number 9 which shows the rest of the scene at the Victoria Harbour in Labuan. This exact photo is also in John Dill Ross' book.

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