Thursday, 10 December 2015

Sandakan Singapore paquebot postal stationary card

Another desirable Christmas present! Very few of this type of postal history are in existence especially when commercially used like this one.

This card was in the Hosking collection. I believe it was used in the illustration of the back of the 3rd edition of his book on paquebots. This card was posted on the ship on its way to Singapore. The ship involved would have the SS Tringganu which left Sandakan on the 24 Nov 1908 bound for Singapore. It would seem that it took 6 days for the journey. The SS Tringganu plied the route between Singapore and Jolo via Sandakan.
The card bears a transit Singapore cds as well as a non box paquebot cancellation on its way to Zurich in Switzerland. It was quite likely to have passed through Brindisi in Italy.

As seen at the left bottom part the card was written in Sandakan on  the 24 November 1908. The message in German was written to his parents about an order of a magazine or book. Meier-Rotsehil mentioned was probably Mayer Rothschild, the German banker and founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

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