Thursday, 18 February 2016

Recent acquisitions

Here is a selection of some items obtained from various sources over the past year.

The Kudat D1, undated double ring is pretty elusive. This is quite a good partial cancel which is invariably in orange red. It was very likely this cancellation came into use in early 1884 but the only postal history item known is a front piece without any date. The stamp here is a perf 12 and Stanley Gibbons gives the date of issue as July 1883. It is not easy to find perfect perforations on this stamp and the corresponding 8c value.
I thought this is a rather unusual cancellation with the year in 2 digits. As far as I know the dated double ringers before the war all have 4 digits in the year. This is the Lahat Datu D11 with a clear date of 15 JUN 39. Some of these prewar double ringers from the various towns are not easy to find and quite a few can be regarded as rare when compared to much older cancellations.

The immediately postwar linotypes or Straits type cancellations are very popular and generally command good prices. This one from Beaufort can be regarded as one of the less common types. Proud gives it a premium of x 40. D12 was used between 28.4.46 to 1.6.46 and the date on this BMA stamp is 28 MAY 1946.

I got this one from our Sarawak Specialists' Society autumn auction last year together with the Beaufort Linotype among others. This fiscal cancel is very uncommon and for the time being I would have to be contented with this partial cancellation on a good stamp.

The LATE FEE instructional mark was used in the early 1950s principally at Jesselton and Sandakan. Without a cover, it is impossible to know its origin as they all used the same chop, I think. Covers are rare and expensive. 
There will be no post next week as I will be hunting for rare covers among the beautiful fjords of Norway! 

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