Thursday, 23 June 2016

More fiscal cancellations

I think this is the fiscal cancellation for E E Abrahamson, a company formed in 1886, mainly to exploit the timber resources around the Sandakan Bay with a depot on Copuan Island. This is a late use of this 1883 2c Transfer B adhesive.

E E Abrahamson was taken over in 1888 by The China Borneo Co Ltd in 1888. This is the likely fiscal cancellation. It is very similar to the one to E E Abrahamson which was quite logical. The presence of the bar cancellation probably meant that the bar cancellation was used fiscally as well in the absence of a suitable fiscal canceller. The cancellation was dated NOV 89.

Another one from the China Borneo Co Ltd with a clearer part date of cancellation also for NOV 90.

This is a very uncommon fiscal cancellation from H Broese Van Groenou which is not listed anywhere. He was the owner and manager of the Victoria coffee plantation of 20 acres near Kudat around 1895. He was also in charge of the lottery at the Marudu Turf Club and the club course at Bandau Estate where he owned a series of racing ponies called Bluntey, Cyclops and Totalisator. He worked as a licensed auctioneer as well and was appointed Kudat shipping agent for German Norddeutscher LLoyd Line (NDL) in 1904. In January of the same year, he married a Miss Van Vliet whose father was the doctor on the Batu Puteh Estate. He subsequently also planted rubber and then coconut. 

Yet another unlisted fiscal cancellation and this is for the (N BORNE)O EXPORT (DEPART)MENT.?

This is also an unlisted fiscal cancellation for HARRISONS & CROSFIELD. H&C brought out The China Borneo Co Ltd in 1919.

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