Monday, 2 October 2017

Early postcards of Labuan in colour

For someone who started by collecting stamps only, I somehow managed to accumulate many covers and now also a collection of postcards. The following Labuan postcards were probably printed in the 1910s by a yet unnamed publisher. This group of 7 is unusual in that they are in colour which is my preference. There are probably 9 or more different cards in this series which are well described by the caption.

Temporary Fish Market Labuan

The caption in the corresponding black and white postcard is placed in the middle in the upper part of the card and reads differently as Labuan. Railway line & Bridge.

Beach Street, Labuan

Coolies Discharging Coal, Labuan

Beach Street & Railway Line, Labuan

In the corresponding black and white cards, the caption differs slightly as Labuan. Fishing Boats.

Again the caption in the black and white card is slightly different with Labuan. A road to the Race course. 

This is the back of the card. The format and wording is very similar to the 1920s postcards published by Max Hilckes of Singapore as shown below it. So it is my belief that these coloured were also published by Max Hilckes at an earlier date.

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