Monday, 2 April 2018

Some uncommon items

I can afford to be brief this month as I am showing you some rather uncommon items. A good picture is as good as a thousand words.

This is the 9 bar cancellation from Brunei of unknown status. It is much smaller than the 9 bar version of Labuan as shown here in comparison with a quite uncommon transit Labuan 9 bar cancellation on a Brunei 1907 stamp. It is not mentioned in Proud's book even though it is not rare. No cover is known. However a clear complete impression like this one is not easy to find. You can see another similar item by clicking this link.

The 1883 50c with the inverted "L" variety is rarely offered anywhere for sale or auction. I had to pay good money for this. Looking closely, it is actually from a damaged printing with the second horizontal arm of "F" missing. This is stamp 42 on a normal sheet of 50. It is very similar to the "DOLLAPS" variety with a damaged "R" with a small bottom remnant present. You can can see this by clicking here. 

There are a few of this small antique 3 variety on offer these few months. It is stamp 24 on the normal sheet of 50. It is very much better when paired with a normal stamp. This one comes with a nice 1983 BPA certificate. I had always wanted this even since I saw it on an auction catalogue from The International Stamp and Coin company of Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s.
I have also updated my post on the Labuan Coal Company.  It has been rewritten and extended with added pictures and also another share certificate, this time of Labuan and Borneo Ltd. 

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