Friday, 17 February 2012

some interesting markings

This good 1888 6c stamp has a cancellation that matches the Jesselton 17 bar cancel. In addition, it also has part of a double ring postmark matching that of a Sandakan D10 BNBC cancel with a faint A but a clear N visible. There is also a part date of 13 (FE)B. It would have been nice to have sight of the small Maltese cross on this postmark.
Some questions do arise from this combination. D10 has been described as normally used for fiscal purposes. This may prove that it was used postally as well. Conversly, one could also infer that bar cancellations were also in use fiscally.
The stamp itself has an interesting flaw/dot next the letter A in postage.

I have this for some time but still can not place it. Could it be a BMA linotype cancel without the date? The letters seem a lot bigger. Suggestions would be welcome.

There is part of a very attractive blue Jesselton postmark and superimposed is an arrival Kuching postmark.

A violet Kudat D3 and adjacent to it probably an arrival/transit marking with the letters "age".
It was probably used in Brunei. There was bound to be some leeway in the use of stamps from adjacent countries. But it is unlikely to be that common.

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