Saturday, 6 October 2012

some fiscals and a facsimile

A very nice fiscal cancel which should read Harbour Department Kudat and showing the crest of the British North Borneo Company.

This is another fine looking fiscal chop. One can just make out the word "Sandakan". It is possibly of a  government department in origin.
Update I have a suggestion that this could be Mansfield Bogarrdt &co type 3. I am handicapped in not having Ivor Moore's book even though I have been talking to the great man himself this weekend at our AGM.

This is not a postmark with deduction of the words (Sanda)kan N. Born(eo). It should be of a commercial origin.

Besides a good partial Sandakan D10 BNBC cancel, we also have "Darby & Co" in pale pinkish red. This was a British shipping and trading company and possibly later on became involved with rubber plantations.

The chop says Singapore but for what purpose remains a mystery to me.

A $2 revenue perfin stamp with the fiscal cancel of (?Lan)d Office showing a partial date of AU(gust) (19)19. And a "used" $1 revenue perfin but the cancellation is not clear.

A facsimile based on the 1883 50c stamp which was distributed by a french philatelic publication and would be contemporary to the stamp.


  1. 1888 3cents is "mansfield bogaardt & co.(type 3)???linda.

  2. Thanks Guan. Hope you are keeping well.