Saturday, 20 October 2012

pen cancels

Pen cancels were the earliest postal markings, even though they were mainly crude lines used to defaced the stamps, before dated hand stamps became available. Later on, it took on a fiscal function. The most attractive pen cancels would have the initials of the person responsible. Some of these belonged to well known individuals who were an important part of the history of North Borneo.

We have a date of 16.3.09 and possible initials or code of PGCH or thereabouts. Any input from readers would be welcome.

A pen cancel with the date 24.3.90 with the possible initials of JHH.

It is rather unusual to have both a pen cancel as well as a date stamp. It is a Sandakan postmark with the same St Valentine's date of 14/2/95.

 A 1894 $10 stamp with both a pen cancel of 6/11/97 and some form of a blue fiscal cancel.

This revenue stamp should have either a fiscal or pen cancel but is also often found with a bar cancellation.

We have a remarkable trio of 1888 3c stamps with both fiscal and bar cancellations. The first stamp has a 17 bar cancel which is less commonly seen on this issue of stamps. These old Chinese script are at best undecipherable but I would welcome any suggestions. The third adhesive has part of a word visible her(?e). It would have been too much to hope that it could be William Treacher as he left service in 1887.

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