Thursday, 9 January 2014

A "new" Brunei curved year cds??

Just to continue with the recent theme of controversial cancellations, this is a smaller version of D2 with respect to the numerals and letters.

The 1c adhesive has Brunei D2 on the Proud's classification with the curved year date of 13/NOV/1907. D2 is one of those strange fixed date cds probably made of rubber from the graininess of the cancellation. It was thought that it was held in reserve and used on occasions when the current canceller was not available for whatever reason. It is possibly of doubtful status and I have yet to come across a cover. My impression is that it was probably reserved for cancelling ahdesives per favour purely for philatelic purposes.
The 1907 2c adhesive has an unrecorded version of D2 with smaller letters and numerals in a similar font with the date of 19/NOV/1907. Again it seems to be a rubber type canceller. I would argue that it has the same type of ink with also graininess of the imprint. This was shown more than a year ago at the SSS AGM and then in the journal disappointingly without any response. This "worldwide" forum is hopefully more forthcoming in comments.

To show that it is no fluke, we have the 1c and 4c adhesives here on either side of a 3c with D2 with the "new" cds.

These two adhesives have one of  the other  fixed dates of D2 of 17/NOV/1908. I hope readers understand why the term "adhesives" was used instead of "stamps".  The term "labels" is sometimes used but it is rather misleading.

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